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Classy! Sophisticated! Gorg! This living room gives swanky, trendy vibes. If you are looking for a beautiful, stylish living room that has a transitional look with a little glam, here it is. You're welcome! This design adds a touch of class without being too stuffy. The sofa and chairs are well constructed, so these pieces will last you a very long time. 

Let's discuss how this design was curated using high-end and mid-grade furnishings.

First off, I LOVE glam, so all of my designs tend to give a feeling of luxury. With that subconscious thought, I began looking for a sofa that was a statement piece. What I had in mind was a blueish-gray, contemporary, velvet sofa. I searched and searched, and came across the Nico Sofa. It is the perfect color, texture and shape. It even has polished stainless steel framing and slender legs that makes it dainty. I love, love, love...

Once the sofa was chosen, I searched for accent chairs that would balance the dark color of the sofa. I chose the barrel chairs for several reasons. I love the barrel shape, the oyster color, and the metal, faux bois design. These chairs are perfect because the curvy shape compliments the straight lines of the sofa. It was intended for both of them to have different shapes to add visual interest.

After the two main furniture pieces were selected, I began to look for a rug that would accentuate them. I had an idea in mind, so I searched until I found the right fit. This rug is perfect because the background is lighter with darker colors in the foreground. If the colors were reversed, the darker rug would have been in competition with the sofa. After finding the perfect rug, I moved on to the wallpaper.

I chose the wallpaper because its cream color and subtle pattern allows the sofa to be the star. The accessories, however, make more of a statement, but they don't steal the show.

I love the mixed metal trend, so I decided to apply it to this design. The sofa has polished stainless steel, and the chairs have metal covered with an oyster-colored coating. I didn't want to be too matchy-matchy by using silver. Therefore, I chose a gold chandelier, coffee table, end table and mirror. The lamp works well with the design because it unifies the metals. The faux, snakeskin body is cream and gray, and the base and finial are gold. It helps to tie the different elements together.

The accent pillows were chosen to add bling and texture. The art was chosen because the colors worked beautifully with the color scheme. Also, I like the idea of arranging them how you see fit to make it work in your space. Besides, I love abstract art and will probably use it in every design!

Lastly, the palm tree was add to liven up the space. I chose that particular plant because the shape and orientation of the leaves added another layer of visual interest.


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