How to Avoid Pitfalls of Online Interior Design Services

Online interior design services give us the chance to redesign or simply spruce up our homes affordably and remotely. It’s a great option to try nowadays considering the limits and impact brought on by COVID-19. If you are used to the traditional interior design service, jumping into the online interior design process can be a little overwhelming. The designer would need your help throughout the design process. Tying the look of a room together that will fit your style and preferences will take a lot of collaboration. 

If you’ve been thinking about using an online interior design service, be mindful of the most common mistakes, and read some tips on how to avoid them.

Provide Accurate Measurements

With an online interior design service, you and your designer would most likely work hand in hand. The teamwork here is very important. Measure the room that you want to redesign or redecorate to provide your designer the exact scale of the room so he/she can better evaluate and analyze the room and provide the perfect interior design solution. Make sure you get the accurate measurements of doors and other openings as well as important architectural features in the room that needs to be considered.

Create a Detailed Floorplan

Your designer would ask for pictures of your room to better visualize it. Take photos of every wall and corner and point out particular textures and materials that might affect the overall design composition. Be sure to give the designer a floor plan to guide him/her in the design process. If you wish to only spruce up a room, draw a layout of your current furniture placements and include the measurements. This will allow the designer to decide what furniture should be kept, removed, or replaced.

Paint a Clear Picture

Share images of your design preferences and inspirations so your designer has a very clear understanding of your interior design style.  Also, provide your designer with a list of furniture, décor items, and accessories that you would like to include in your design. Lastly, provide a budget or a list of furniture stores you frequent so your designer does not design a room with items that are out of your price range. All of these tips will ensure that both of you have the same expectations regarding the final design that you will receive.

Check Furniture Measurements 

Buying furniture is the most exciting process in interior design. But just because you fell in love with a lovely sofa, doesn’t mean it would be perfect for your living room. Be mindful of furniture sizes, and check the measurements before buying it to make sure it will fight through your door and it wouldn’t look too big or too small in your room.

Check Furniture Quality

If purchasing online, read reviews from previous customers or chat with the store so you will be able to decide if the item will be perfect for your room. Read the description to learn the measurements and quality. Also, enquire about the process of delivery. Look for pictures in the review section and see how the furniture works with the interior rooms of other customers. This will help you visualize what the product would look like in your room setting. 

Communicate with Your Designer

Lastly, it’s all about collaboration. Talk with your designer and don’t be too shy to ask questions and share your insight. Your designer wants to provide you with the best design solution that fits your style and works for you. That is why it is important to have frequent chats with your designer so he/she will be able to address your concerns in case you wish to make a few changes or whenever you have new ideas or inspirations.

We are spending a lot of our time indoors. This, however, should not stop us from redesigning and making the most out of our humble abode. With the variety of resources that you can find online, you can now easily transform the look of your interiors into something that you only see on Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds. And above all, having a well-designed room will make you and your loved ones feel a lot more comfortable and happier while staying indoors.

About the Author Brittany White

I have loved all things design since I was a little girl. I would don the latest trends in nail art, hairstyles, shoes and clothes. As I grew older, that love for things aesthetically appealing spilled over into interior design. I frequently rearrange the furniture and accessories in my home, or change them completely for a new design aesthetic. I love doing the same for my clients because it’s gratifying to know that I helped them smoothly transition to a new chapter in their lives.

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