Home Staging Essentials to Spruce Up Your House for Sale

Here’s a fact: When a buyer looks for a house to buy, they’re basically looking for one that suits their needs (and dreams). Whether they have ideas about what their dream house should look like or not, the best thing that you can do to increase the chance of your property getting sold is to make it appeal to the buyer’s needs and wants. Show the buyer that your property is exactly what they are looking for. The way to do this is to stage your home. 

Placing furniture here and there just to make the house feel less empty, is not enough. You need to level up the game by incorporating essential items that will make your house look up to date. Below is a list of home staging items you need to put in your house for a successfully staged home that would attract a lot of potential buyers.

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures make a good décor piece because of their unique design feature. A modern floor lamp, for example, evokes a contemporary vibe that will make your home look modest and stylish. Lampshades can be used to accentuate other décor pieces. Ceiling lighting fixtures like pendant lights, or chandeliers, add a ton of interest to the overall interior look of the room.


To keep the house fresh and full of life, decorate with houseplants. Placing some indoor trees and tropical palms in the living room revitalizes the space and induces a feeling of calmness and tranquility. Plants not only enhance the visual appeal of your home but also cleans the air so your house can look at its best in visual and environmental aspects.

Accent Pillows

Draw interest to your living room composition by accentuating your sofas with comfortable, fluffy throw pillows. This warm and cozy setting will invite your guest to sit on your sofa and get the feel of how comfortable your living room is. Add decorative pillows to your bed to help make the room feel luxurious and inviting.

Throws and Towels

Another way to evoke a feeling of comfortability is by adding throws on your sofa or armchair. Fill the shelves and storage cabinets in your bathroom with fresh clean towels as well. Staging essentials like these make your house look filled yet uncluttered.

Table Accessories

Decorate coffee tables, center tables, entryway consoles, and bedside tables with accessories so that the rooms don’t look dull and boring. Simply adding books, candle holders, a vase filled with flowers, or a ceramic jar will instantly enhance the appeal of this furniture. By doing these, your buyer will be able to envision how each area of the house would look with their favorite décor pieces in place.


Make a statement with your walls by hanging artwork. Huge art pieces are great for making focal points. One important thing to remember when choosing artwork in home staging is to keep it as simple and minimal as possible. This is because you don’t really know the kind of art pieces that your buyer prefers. So, keeping it neutral and modest would be the safest way to pull off that statement while allowing your buyer to imagine what the walls would look like with their artwork preferences on display.

Area Rugs and Runners

Rugs are a great way to divide the space visually into portions. It also makes the rooms look snug while adding a pop of color. Adding a rug underneath a bed grounds the space and adds visual interests in the room. Placing runners in hallways creates a flow and guides the footpath of the people who are viewing the house. 

Once you’ve included these essential items that are crucial to home staging, rest assured that your house will be very appealing to many homebuyers.

About the Author Brittany White

I have loved all things design since I was a little girl. I would don the latest trends in nail art, hairstyles, shoes and clothes. As I grew older, that love for things aesthetically appealing spilled over into interior design. I frequently rearrange the furniture and accessories in my home, or change them completely for a new design aesthetic. I love doing the same for my clients because it’s gratifying to know that I helped them smoothly transition to a new chapter in their lives.

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