6 Most Important Areas to Stage for a Faster Sale

A properly staged home is more likely to get sold compared to a non-staged home. Why? Because when a home is staged, buyers will be able to envision it as their future home. The house would look fresh, updated, and brand new. Not only does staging increases the chance of selling your property, but it also increases its value. In fact, according to the latest report of the National Association of Realtors, staging increases the dollar value of a home from 1 to 5 percent compared to non-staged homes.

As a property owner, you might think that staging is expensive, it’s too much work, or you really just don’t know where to start. The process can cost you a lot if you don’t plan it well enough. That’s why I'm here to help you make the most of your home staging budget by providing you expert advice focusing on the most important areas of the house that needs to be staged.

Living room

The living room is undoubtedly the most important area of the house that needs to be staged because it is usually the first room where potential buyers would stop and look around. Make the buyer feel engaged by creating a warm and inviting living room design. Layout your furniture pieces accordingly and add in decor to decorate the room. Allow light to stream through the window by hanging new sheer linen curtains to evoke a bright and airy ambiance. Incorporate greeneries to make the living room look fresh and updated.


For many people, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home. It is the second spot in the house that home buyers would check thoroughly. Since this is the area where food is prepared, it should look clean and spotless. Scrub all the stains, repaint and change the hardware of your cabinets, and clean the appliances. Make sure your plumbing fixtures are in good condition since buyers would likely check your faucets and drainage systems. Add a pop of color and bring your kitchen to life by topping your kitchen design with small potted plants, a couple of bottles of Perrier water, and maybe a bowl of fruit on the counter. 


The dining and kitchen often go hand in hand so you should include it in the staging process. Select a dining set that would fit perfectly in the dining room. If the space is small, opt for a round dining table. This will make the space look spacious which is important in a dining area so your buyer will be able to assess whether the room can accommodate their family and guests.

Primary (Master) Bedroom

It is important to create the right atmosphere when staging the primary bedroom. Position the bed in the right area of the room, usually on the wall opposite the doorway. Then layout the remaining furniture appropriately. Unclutter and remove unnecessary belongings in closets. Buyers usually want their primary bedrooms to have lots of storage space. It would be much better to leave the storage spaces empty so your buyer will get the impression of having sufficient storage space to place their belongings. Clean the windows and add new curtains. Make sure to check if all the lighting fixtures are in good condition.  Update the bedding with that of neutral tones and properly make the bed . Add extra decorative pillows to make the bed look luxurious, cozy and inviting. 

Home Office

The work from home setting has been normalized since the pandemic started and people are looking for ways to creatively incorporate a home office inside their homes. Use this to your advantage and transform a room or nook in your house into an office. Remove unnecessary furniture and place only the essentials like a desk or table, a stylish office chair and an area rug to emphasize the design. Don’t forget to accessorize the table and walls as well.

Outdoor Space

First impression lasts. Outdoor spaces are the first and last areas buyers see when viewing your property. So, it is important to stage them as well. Plant bushes and flower beds to create a beautiful scenery. Clean your garage, repaint the fence, and decorate your porch or outdoor patio. The backyard is where many families are spending a lot of their time due to the pandemic's restrictions. To convey a fun, entertaining space, you may want to include a dining area, hammock, fire pit and chairs, or games like cornhole. Emphasize the possibilities of what an outdoor space can offer. 

Staging is considered worth it because buyers are willing to pay a premium price for a house that makes them feel already at home. Whether you plan to hire a professional home stager or do it on your own, select only the crucial areas that need staging and redesign smartly to see a return on your investment. 

About the Author Brittany White

I have loved all things design since I was a little girl. I would don the latest trends in nail art, hairstyles, shoes and clothes. As I grew older, that love for things aesthetically appealing spilled over into interior design. I frequently rearrange the furniture and accessories in my home, or change them completely for a new design aesthetic. I love doing the same for my clients because it’s gratifying to know that I helped them smoothly transition to a new chapter in their lives.

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